BestWeld Co., Ltd (Russia) Elaboration and production of MMA welding machines made in Russia


Russian company BestWeld was established in 2009 as a specialized welding equipment wholesale company. The founder of the company had spent years as representative of a famous European welding equipment factory in Russia.


Initially BestWeld acted as marketing research and wholesales outlet. The goods were produced by an outsourcing factory in China, imported to Russia and sold to retail outlets.


In 2014 BestWeld jointly with another Russian partner, run by a former soviet military engineer, established its own production of MMA machines that had no match at Chinese factories. That is how compact digital inverters Best Mini appeared by August 2014. Local production was intended to produce only advanced machines not available in China. However, in a few weeks the finance crisis started in Russia with ruble dropping significantly down. And company had to elaborate new models that would replace machines from China. That is how product lines Hozyain and Umelets appeared. Import of MMA machines from China was replaced by local production.


Nowadays, BestWeld offers MMA welding machines for European customers:

* Production under OEM brand is available.

* Logistics is much quicker and cheaper than from China.

* Minimal order quantity is discussable.

* BestWeld is ready to share retail technologies, including training of retail sales managers, advises on merchandizing and POSM.

bestweld MMA welding


BestWeld Russian-made products


All MMA inverters from BestWeld company fully provide the declared characteristics. That means, for example, if machine claims to provide maximal welding current of 160A, it provides 160A by 26.4V arc voltage. All Russian-made inverters from BestWeld are applicable by frosts down to -20 C. Each set includes the inverter machine, electrode holder with 1.7m cable, earth clamp with 1.5m cable, operation manual, carton box.


bestweld MMA WELDING MACHINEProduct line HOZYAIN (in Russian means “Owner”)

These primitive analogue inverter machines are destined for DIY users with minimal or no experience at all. The only adjustment available is the welding current regulator. Most DIY users plan to connect their welding machine to a common 16A 230 socket. That means using electrode not thicker then 3.2 mm (welding current max 105-110A). 230V models for max welding current of 120A, 140A, 160A, 180A and 200A available.


Product line UMELETS

(in Russian means “Person with outstanding skills”)

For those who need high productivity but not accurate adjustments, BestWeld offers Umelets – invertors with professional duty cycle. 230V models for max welding current of 160A, 180A, 200A and 240A available.


Product line BEST MINI

That is the most original and up-to-date product of the company. These compact inverters under microchip control allow sensitive adjustments of the welding current value and its features in the short circuit mode (Arc Force and Hot Start), monitor power supply voltage, watch power consumption level and communicate with the operator through messages on the screen. 230V models for max welding current of 160A, 180A, 200A and 220A available.


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