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We will translate your information in Russian language,
add your logo and make your page accessible by Russian visitors.
Russian managers will be able to learn your information in Russian and reply with their inquiry.
  •  You can place information on your company, 
  •  list of goods and commercial offer for free, 
  •  if you apply within 1 month after the Fair is over.
The free period for your publication is 1 year then.
Normally this service costs 599 euro.
We also welcome you to place your announcement in section «Looking for partner in Russia».
Information about your company will be available at a special page visited by Russian companies.
When placing an announcement in section «Looking for partner in Russia» includes you also get:
  • A banner (We will create a banner that will effectively tell about your offer and facilities. Russian visitors will consider your offer)
  • Analyze of situation in Russia (Information on sales volumes, channels, territories.)
  • Analyze of brands represented at the Russian market (Description of brands of goods similar to your offer)
  • Analyze of companies in Russia (Who is selling goods that are similar to your goods, what are the opportunities and risks)
  • A list of potential partners (An individually made list of local companies whom your offer would fit best)
  • Recommendations.
Advises and tips on operating in the Russian market.
This special offer costs 199 euro.
A sample of how it looks you can watch at our web-site.